The perfect pants

A few weeks ago while watching TV I came across this advert from Selfnation where you can buy the perfect fitting Jeans. Each pair is tailor made and you can easily order them online. I checked out their website and it seemed so easy to get your own pair, so I decided to try it out. You can choose between jeans and chinos and there are many different options. For example: the color, the fit, the waist height and you can also put your initials on it if you like, which I think is really cool cause it makes them even more personalized.

I chose the slim fit chinos in berlin black and I really love how they turned out, the length is perfect and they have a nice slouchy fit. Also the material is super nice and really comfortable to wear. I think it took 2-3 weeks until they were delivered to my door but it was definitely worth the wait.


knit | Acne Studios
chinos | Selfnation
bag | Chlo√©
boots | Balenciaga

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